Watercolor Workbooks
Knowing where to start is the first step in learning how to paint in watercolors. This workshop or series of lessons is
designed for the artist who is new to watercolor, those who are coming from another medium, or anyone who
wants a refresher course in the foundations and fundamentals of watercolor basics. The Getting Started with
Watercolor series is divided into three sections. With each section I provide easy to follow step-by-step written
instructions complete with color illustrations. You will start your own watercolor notebook that will serve as a great
reference for your use as you continue on your watercolor journey.
Getting Started with Watercolor is a self study
watercolor workshop that includes an
instructional DVD, printed notebook, and
optional Watercolor Starter Kit,
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This workbook contains full size
scans of the practice exercises I
demonstrated in the
Hints &
Tips for Painting Waves DVD.
I'm including some written
instructions ...
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    Workbooks are a combination of two or more related lessons packaged together to help you practice and
    develop your watercolor skills. Some workbooks are the result of the demonstrations painted during the
    filming of my DVD workshops to the make excellent companions to enhance the lessons covered on the
    DVD. However they are designed to be used as a stand alone resource.  Workbooks are available for
    purchase online or in my workshops and classes.
Painting Raindrops on Roses
in Watercolor is two lessons in
one! Illustrated step-by-step
written instructions

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