Watercolor Lessons & Watercolor Workbooks
Step-by-Step Watercolor Lessons include:
  • A recommended supply list for each lesson
  • A list equipment and tools needed for each lesson
  • Painting Patterns to download then transfer to your watercolor paper or
    watercolor cards  (for some but not all lessons - some lessons will be freehand)
  • Step-by-Step instructions (with illustrations) from start to finish
  • Links to the Watercolor Glossary and Watercolor Techniques for Tutorials
These easy to follow step-by-step watercolor painting lessons will to test your
painting skills on simple subjects. Practicing is the best way to perfect your skills and
become familiar with your painting tools and equipment. You absolutely positively
can not practice too much! As a matter of fact you may want to repeat some of
these lessons using different paint colors or different values. It's been said that you
can not paint the same subject twice in watercolor and have it turn out exactly the
same. It's true! Even if you paint the same subject five times each one will be
different and hopefully #5 will be better the four you painted before the fifth one.
Rose Demo -  Watercolor Lesson
More to come......
Many of my Watercolor Lessons are FREE for personal studies! Scroll down for additional Watercolor Painting Lessons available for purchase.
Developing Painting Lessons and Painting Projects is my way of making a living while doing something I love ... Sharing watercolor with others!
Your support is appreciated!
Workbooks are a combination of two or more related lessons packaged
together to help you practice and develop your watercolor skills. Some
workbooks are the result of the demonstrations painted during the filming
of my DVD workshops to the make excellent companions to enhance the
lessons covered on the DVD. However they are designed to be used as a
stand alone resource.
  • Workbooks are available for purchase online in printed looseleaf
    form or
  • as a pdf download format.
  • Printed workbooks are also available in my workshops and classes.
These "Print and Paint" Lessons
listed in the menu below are
free and provided for
personal use only
Multi-Lesson Watercolor Workbooks

Most come with photos and/or illustrations of each step. Some
have painting patterns to use as a guide or to trace as a
pattern on your watercolor paper.
  • Lessons are available for purchase online in printed form
  • as a pdf  download format.
  • Printed lessons are also available in my workshops and
A Watercolor Lesson includes instructions for a single watercolor lesson.

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