Color Wheel Templates
Download the smaller 6" Split Primary Template (fits 1/8th sheet wc paper)
Download the larger 7" Split Primary Color Wheel Template (fits 8.5" x 11" wc paper)

Hint: The 3 small circles outside the main circle may not fit the 1/8 sheet size paper
when using the larger template, if they don't fit you may want to use the smaller
CLICK HERE to print this template from the website.
Size may vary depending on your printer settings.
Adobe Reader not required
PDF files require the free Adobe Reader to open. Most computers
already have this program installed. If you need it here's a link to get it!
Use the 12 Hue/Color Wheel
Template to create a variety
of color wheels using different
paint combinations.
Have fun!
Split Primary Template
Download the larger 7"  Color Wheel Template
(fits 8.5" x 11" wc paper)
Download the smaller 6" Color Wheel Template
(fits 1/8th sheet wc paper)
12 Hue/Color Template