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Susie's suggested palette layouts for setting up a palette
Watercolor Travel Palettes
There are a variety of travel palettes available. Like most of your watercolor
supplies you will learn what type of palette fits your personal painting style.
Online sources for palettes:   ASW Express     Cheap Joe's     Daniel Smith     Dick Blick      Jerry's Artarama      Mister Art     Utrecht Art
More Folding Palettes and Travel Palettes for painting "en plein air" (outside)
Folding palettes are available in both plastic and metal.
Many paint manufacturers have a travel palette with
pre-filled half pans of selected colors. The palettes
shown here come empty ready to fill with your     
favorite tube colors.
Metal Full Pan Travel Palette
(Half Pans can be used
with this palette also)
More Websites with Watercolor Palette Info: Cathy Johnson     Nita Leland                              
Holbein Type (Metal Folding)
The wells are fixed and ready to fill.
Masters Folding Palette (plastic)
There are several plastic palettes
available with a variety of wells and layouts.
As a teacher and plein air painter I keep several travel palettes ready to go.
This is the folding palette I currently have set up for a multi-purpose landscape/gardenscape
travel palette. I also have a dedicated folding flower palette that has more pinks and purples
and greens. It's light weight and easy to pack.

"I like being able to squeeze the colors of my choice into the wells, let the paint dry, then
have the palette ready to go when the weather is right!"
If you click on the thumbnails to
the right you can see an
enlargement of the colors I have
in my multi-purpose travel
palettes. Yes, I have several
travel palettes. I keep them in
my vehicles ready to go!
These are examples of some pre-filled palettes by watercolor manufacturers
such as Raphael, Winsor Newton, Cotman, and Maimarie.
More Websites with Travel Palette Info: Cathy Johnson    Wet Canvas      Artists Network                     
These are just a few
there are more!
Check with your local
art store to see what's