Valentine  Tips 1
Watercolor Tips for Painting Valentine Cards in Watercolor
Using Hand Cut Heart Shaped Stencils
or Templates and Stencil Fall Outs
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These tips and ideas for making hearts on valentine card's start with a heart shaped
template hand cut from transparency film, a heavier piece of paper, or you could use
a precut store bought stencil.
(If you are making your own hand cut stencil - fold it in half - cut the half heart shape
as you did in elementary school. Unfold the fall out and mark it or number it with a
permanent marker to make it easier to find and match up to the open cut heart later.)

Let's use the inside "fall out" of the stencil in this first valentine card example.
One option to finish off the heart is by
creating the illusion of a ruffle that looks like
it is  "under" the edge of the heart. You
can use the same color as you smudged
The image (left) shows more finished ruffles.
The image (right) shows several stages of
the ruffles in progress.

Notice that there is a sharp edge where the
ruffle ends and then it is softened as you
move away from it. You can do this in one
stroke by wetting the brush with clear
water and putting color only on the
inside tip or leading edge of the brush.
Using a semi-dry brush, apply soft
color over the edge of the template.
(Avoid using too much water.)
It should look more smudged than

You can also use a dampened paper
towel dipped in watercolor or a
sponge. Each will give you a different
Experiment and have fun creating
Color on the tip

Clear water on the back
                    of the brush
Below are some examples of three finished cards using this technique.