Tips for Painting the Speckled Poinsettia

  • With the sea sponge use a blot and dab method.
  • With the toothbrush “flick” the bristles to create spatters.
    Holding the toothbrush at varying heights will give you a
    range of speckles.

For either method I suggest cutting out a stencil the size and
shape of the bract (or petal) you want to paint. With the stencil
secured with tape to keep it from moving apply the paint a little
at a time. Let it dry and repeat until you get the look you want.
You can cut out and paint more than one shape at a time if you
wish but make sure there is plenty of space between the shapes
to keep the paint from splattering where you may not want it. I
found that I had less smearing if I allowed the paint splatter to dry
before I tried to remove the stencil.

The stencil can be cut from transparency film or heavy paper.
The transparency film is available in office supply stores. It is used
for overhead projectors (called “Write On” Transparency Film).
Avoid film that can be used in your ink jet printers…
it’s more expensive, but it will work!
5 x 7 Painting Pattern
and Photo included
2 pages
Poinsettia Reference Photos
with or without Painting Patterns
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There are a couple of methods that create realistic speckles (splatters) on the bracts of the poinsettia.
One choice is to use a sea sponge -- another is to use a toothbrush.
Happy Holidays! Have fun painting this one!! Susie
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